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move into their full potential and live a purposeful life.

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Who am I…

Shera Farrell is a professional clairvoyant and intuitive with thirty years experience who has helped thousands of people across North America with information and insight to make better life decisions. Shera is also professionally trained in voice, and in recent years has discovered the health benefits of sound healing and uses medical intuition, crystal bowls and voice to assist clients in improved health and well-being, balancing energies and releasing stress.

What bridges you?
We all have bridges in our lives.

* A love relationship
* A family
* A passion that feeds our Soul
* Helping others to find their greatness!

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What People Are Saying

“Shera has a profound gift to foresee events with such clarity and detail and with genuine sensitivity to her clients. Her readings are both informative, specific to your concerns and offers peace of mind in many areas of life. Whether in person or over the phone I have always found Shera to be accurate, timely and healing in her art. She fascinates me with psychometry readings (jewelry reading), and details that others couldn’t possibly know about an object and has described at length characteristics of people such as hair coloring, style and temperament… to initials. I highly recommend and give high praise for such a gifted woman who supports her clients and friends with an unconditional concern.”

“Shera has a profound gift to foresee events”

Farhana Dhalla

“Thank you for the insight!”


“Fantastic! Really knew about my family and myself”

Lisa L.

“Excellent- Right on the nose!”


“I would love to come back one day- Excellent, unbelievable knowledge!”


“Absolutely incredible! Fascinating – Certainly very inspiring!”

Samantha L.

“Shera is one of the finest Intuitives in Canada today. She is very specific and accurate. Shera can read you by phone if you are at a distance but also can perform excellent psychometry if you are lucky enough to have a session with her in person. I highly recommend her and have total confidence in her abilities.”

Dickie Motherwell

“Thank you, you really touched on areas that I have been wondering about!”

Colleen Stewart

“Almost scary!”

Lorri Morrison

“Shera is a true professional intuitive coach, a classic professional and she has provided personal and professional life coaching for my life since 1997. I highly recommend her services to anyone especially if you are open to intuitive coaching because you will receive personable, trustworthy and superlative results.”

Alice McDougall

“Wonderful – and accurate.”

Virginia V.

“Thank you so much! Very intense and true!”


“Simply put, Shera has a gift. And she shares her gift liberally. In moments, she was able to pinpoint where I was in my life and offer me insights to areas that I needed to be alert to. She clearly identified opportunities that may present itself and in just a few minutes with her, I felt peace and clarity. She is a gifted psychic, knowledgeable in energetic medicine and a generous giver of her talents.”

Lynn Merrithew

“You have proven the things you see to be accurate, Thank you!”

Connie H.

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