A Time To Reinvent and Use Our Brilliance!

Are you stumped, baffled about the downturn of our economy? It has been clear sailing financially for a very longtime in the west and no one ever thought the financial abundance would ever stop flowing!

Today, people are loosing their positions, careers, homes and what they worked so hard to accumulate. Some souls are making their exit. What once worked, has changed! Where do we go from here? What creates your spark within and works?

Our world is seeing and experiencing huge changes politically, large migrations searching for refuge, and greater causes coming together for humanity. Yes, we are undergoing adversity as communities change and diversify. Our ‘human spirit’ is being tested as we move together through the ‘winds of change and time’. Some of us feel a great struggle and at a lost as everything is energetically shifting!

Man is a survivor and can adapt to many situations and will reinvent and re-create new brilliance for our changing times. We need to be more diverse in our thinking, to be more open to greater shifts of consciousness!

Are you listening to the inner voice within? What is calling you? Change is upon us! The inner veil is getting thinner allowing us to see and communicate with higher realms, moving us into greater consciousness as our neurological systems are being changed and reprogramed at a cellular level, and not forgetting the energy grids of the earth that are transforming with shifting energies!

In the last year or so, I have seen clients return to where they came from like the Maritimes, Ontario, Saskatchewan, The States, New Zealand and many people moving to the west. Some are searching for newer places to call home! Where is your heart calling you?

I have worked with many people throughout the years in different locations across Canada and internationally using intuition and consulting of what ‘feeds the soul’!

One of the tools I use in my sessions is a ‘divine science’ that brings a person’s abilities, talents and a sense of character to light! I have used numbers which defines so much in positive and negative aspects. Are you detailed, spiritual, liking to learn or impart knowledge, or creative, and concerned about your fellow man, being a humanitarian? Are you interested in healing work, angels and energy? Do you get bored, dislike repetition or are you a self starter, independent and an entrepreneur? I have worked with many entrepreneurs and businesses helping them to see greater expansion or create a specialty from part of a concept idea that they have or want to implement into their changing business. Many of us are having to re-invent ourselves, create businesses as there are fewer jobs out ther or we do not fit into that square box any longer. Each number holds its own unique energy and is so powerful!

What cycle are you in? Are you in a year for planting, seeding or endings and competitions? Is this a year for moves and changes being a 5 year or is this a year for hard work being your 4 cycle year and feeling boxed in? Your month and day added together plus the year works out to be a cycle and some numerology add a 1 to the year because you were in the womb for 9 months and that can be counted!

Have you been laid off and are unsure about what to do now?
Have you retired and looking for something fun and fulfilling?
Are you ready to create a career you will love?
Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Do you want to re-invent yourself?

Numbers with intuition help to define the individual talents, abilities, gifts, personality, interests, passions and innovative skills. To find that ‘perfect path’ and maybe re-create oneself with a fulfilling career is very possible!

Some testimonies are as follows!

“Shera is very specific and accurate”.

“She provided me with truthful, insightful and caring advice with counsel”.

“In moments she was able to pinpoint where I was in my life and offer me insights to areas that I needed to be alerted to. She clearly identified opportunities that may present itself and in just a few minutes with her, I felt ‘peace and clarity’. She is a gifted psychic, knowledgeable in energetic medicine and a generous giver of her talents.”

“Shera is a true professional intuitive coach, a classic professional and she has provided personal and professional life coaching for me life since 2007. I highly recommend her services to anyone especially if you are open to intuitive coaching because you will receive personable, trustworthy and superlative results”