Over the years Shera has been providing quality intuitive services giving guidance and helping others move into their full potential and live a purposeful life…

Shera was born Roberta Flynne Motherwell. Prior to moving into her passion of the intuitive arts, Shera’s background was in sales of real estate (Calgary), display advertising, furniture/ interior design sales for Eaton’s of Canada. She also designed and manufactured costume jewellery selling her creations across Canada.

Shera began working as a professional clairvoyant in 1983. She has done intuitive consulting sessions throughout Western Canada, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Eastern Canada, the United States, and Bermuda. She has participated in radio-television open line talk shows reading voice energy and answering listener’s questions. These shows have also been heard from Baltimore, Maryland through to the west coast. Shera appeared as a regular on Charles Adler’s Hot Talk show.

Her experience is diverse – ranging from clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, numerology, psychometry, auric fields, mediumship, palmistry, chakras, channelling healing energies, to dream interpretations and hypnosis. She studied gestalt, dream analogy, colour, sound and vibration, intuitive awareness with Patricia Hayes (who was mentored by medium, Arthur Ford). Farrell has taught classes in intuitive awareness. Shera reads from the auric energy field which is the energy emanating from the person or surrounding the individual. The aura enables her to see relationships and their dynamics surrounding the individual. This aids her with coaching in relationship interactions. Shera speaks about future, existing and former relationships. She also communicates with loved ones that have passed.

Farrell also consults for corporate executives to strategize in business areas, to create clarity, solve problems and suggest innovative solutions.

Shera grew up studying voice throughout the years at the Royal Conservatory of Music, training up to sometimes 3 hours a day. She has moved into sound healing, combining her spiritual background, her voice, her ability to use her intuition. She now works as a medical intuitive. Shera uses her voice and crystal singing bowls, blending sounds together as she guides people on a spiritual journey-using healing sound with intent.

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