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We are all on a journey at a great speed!

The Divine has a plan in all its’ greatness, a design it creates for each one of us! We ourselves play a mayor role in the fabric of its design, and what the universe has in store. We can be so devastated with the way our plan did not come together as our egos did not...

Through intuition we receive direction and guidance!

I would like to share my experience of receiving someone’s intuitive guidance and how it directed and lead me onto an entirely different path. I found my soul’s work and what feeds my soul.  I am very grateful for the wisdom and insight of Bob Proctor! I worked in the...

The Therapeutic Effects of Sound Healing

Sound Healing Therapy is used in many forms — voice, chimes, harps, wind harps, drums, gongs, tuning forks, quartz crystal bowls, and nature sounds such as running water and the power of the ocean. All these sounds have great vibratory effect on our cellular and...

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