Healing Through Sound – Are you tired, stressed or in Pain?

Healing through sound has been used in the temples and pyramids in ancient Egypt, Greece and Atlantis, as the priests sang and healed the afflicted.

Shamans are considered meditators between the natural world and the spiritual realm and were some of the very earliest people to use sound-based rituals for healing. The shamanic belief system began 20,000 to 50,000 years ago and has been practiced all over the world. The indigenous peoples have worked with the beat of sound to transform spirits, energies and to heal for thousands of years.

Sound takes us into an altered state of consciousness and enables the patient to take a mental journey and can lead them back to health. We are held together by sound.

SOUND HEALING is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies for the mind/body/soul of a person with the intention of creating a state of harmony and health.

TONING is the use of sustained vocal tones on the out-breath, without the use of melody, rhythm or words. Toning OM, for example “is very powerful and its power alone can bring enlightenment.”

In the last 3 to 4 years, I have been using sound therapy with clients and have had some amazing experiences! In one example, I was finishing a 30 minutes reading session by phone, when the client, Mary said she had to go as they had been experiencing a migraine for several days and wanted to get off the phone. I asked her if I could call her back from my landline, as the sound carries better and is richer in frequency than what a cell phone delivers. I led Mary into a visualization over the phone as she was at home lying on her bed. I asked her to turn her speaker phone on and as I began to chant over the phone being accompanied by ‘Mariah’, my 3rd eye chakra crystal bowl. (Quartz crystal bowls vibrate at frequencies that produce powerful sound waves.) In a time of 4 minutes the migraine had stopped and we were finished. Numerous weeks later, I received a call from Mary inquiring, “I do not know what you did to me, as I have not experienced a migraine for seven weeks? Her migraines have lessened greatly! I have contacted her recently and she has mentioned she does not suffer from migraines like to she sometime ago. For many years this lady has suffered multiple migraines from past accidents.

Someone called me, as they were experiencing great stress in their life and feeling exhausted carrying pain in their lower back. Susan arrived very jumpy or as the expression goes “wired for sound”! I picked up ‘Mozart’, my Tibetan Bowl letting the bowl do his work to change her state and remove the pain. The sound resonated throughout her whole body, as I observed she was having ‘a melt down and becoming totally relaxed before my very own eyes! Her condition changed completely! The following day, I rang her to inquire how she was and she replied, “amazing” and shared, she and her husband had sat through a 2 hour movie in a theatre and she was still having an incredible day! Later she shared, she experienced numerous amazing days following the session. Working with the bowls and after the session is finished, the sound continues within the body to work and resonate in vibration. I have heard via a relative, Susan is feeling a lot better and not suffering as she did prior to seeing me!

A year ago, February, I joined a group of ladies and was asked to bring my bowls. I took ‘Mariah’ to a small gathering. There was a lady who was a ‘massage therapist’, who suffered great pain in her left shoulder with blocked energy. She would wake up in the mornings with pain and would not know how she was going to get through her day, working in massage! I had read this lady some months earlier and was aware of her story and what she had experienced and was carrying in her emotional pain body. As ‘Mariah’ sounded her powerful tones with her wave frequencies, I chanted and started and stopped as I went into her story or what she was carrying in her psychology of emotional pain. Mariah and I chanted together for 15 minutes and then the mini session was finished! I moved unto another person in the room to do sound and looked over at the last lady raising her left arm above her head and around in circles. She was testing her arm. Later she came up to me sharing, “I have not pain in my shoulder, and I can raise my arm above my head, which I would not be able to do so prior to coming her today”!

In the last month, I was invited to a workshop to present a 20 minute talk on ‘sound’. We had 35 people who attended. I shared experiences of how sound moves cells, blood, circulation and can remove energy blocks. We carry our life experiences, and psychology throughout our body, in our cells and aura. I picked up ‘Mariah’, and started to chant as I walked around the group. When I finished I returned to the front of the room and found everyone in a ‘deep’ or ‘altered state’ of meditation. As I tried to bring them out of it, I could feel their resistant coming back into the room, noticing some of their faces had turned reddish in color sensing this affected their circulation systems. I asked the group for feedback and heard, “it was like I had gone somewhere else,” or “an out-of-body journey”, or my body resonated with the energy and/or they felt totally energized.”