Souls crying out from the grave in the night,
Don’t you hear us, hear our cries?
We just disappeared from Residential School, not ever to be seen or heard from again.
I do not know what I did to deserve this?
There are so many of us calling for our Ancestors,
Calling for our Grandmothers to come and save us from the darkened night.
Did you not hear our cries?

We were treated lesser than, humiliated through mockery, abuse, the strap and much more,
We were little ones feeling strange in this cold environment that had no Soul,
This cannot be the place of God?
You tried to beat ‘the Indian’ out of us, to destroy our spirit, our native ways, our culture,
We were loosing our language and ancient wisdom.

We are a very old ancient culture,
With Wisdom that has survived throughout the Ages,
Holding Strength with Spirituality,
gaining Insights through messages from Dreams,
Seeing energies of the Animal Kingdom through its Nature,
And receiving its meaning,
Our Intuition is Powerful,
Our Eagle Feather holds Power,
Stones, Crystals hold Magic,
These gifted peoples read energy through Nature,
They feel what is to come,
Their Intuition is a Rhythm that runs through them,
The beating of our drum helps to listen to our Soul,

The White Man has much to learn from their Native Brother

You raped our Souls!

by Shera Motherwel Farrell