“I can’t breathe, Officer
I can’t breathe!
I want my Mom,” recorded on a teenager’s video cell, close by
As the world watched as this man was murdered in front of our very own eyes,
in the hands of four Militant Officers, who showed Coldness in their Arrogance!

George Floyd, the Sacrificial Lamb has awakened the ‘Soul of America’,
World Consciousness stares at its ‘Racial Issues’
Dishonoring souls who came through 400 years of slaved history, living in unjust oppression
The Silence that hides the Truth with secrets and lies,
Hate, discrimination, treated Lesser than,
Their DNA memory carry their ‘Unjust Story’ throughout generations.
And how they were ‘bought’, ‘sold’ and used like ‘cattle’,

The Whole World has come undone with Rage and Anger,
City streets across the nation have become electrified, fires burning, properties destroyed, looting and People in the Thousands Running in Madness for Justice!
Many are Tired of the Unfairness, the Struggle to Survive.

The President of America, holds The White House!
The Attorney General orders tear gas, rubber bullets to clear streets.
For a selected few to cross the street to a church for a photo opt!
Many minds are going crazy, so much to take in!

“George, you have become famous,
The whole world knows about you,
You are a gentle giant in the eyes of many,
They speak of your ‘human humbleness’,
Was it the divine’s plan for you to show the world what happens to men of colour in police custody?
Many souls down here have seen what you experienced and intend to fight your fight,
To make things right!
The World Loves You, George!”

“How do we solve our racial disaster?
How do we heal our Humanity?
We are all God’s Children,
Every soul comes in many a colour, to experience life, to learn by our mistakes, and have ‘heart’ and ‘respect’ for each other!
How do we Heal George, how do we heal?”