I want to thank the two Melissa’s... Sound Presentation, ‘The Miracle of Sound’

I want to thank the two Melissa’s, MELISSA MACKY and MELISSA STERLING for hosting a great event at the Women’s Empowerment Day in Edmonton May 9th 2015. The two Melissa’s have started ‘Sprinkle Kindness’, which is growing very rapidly and creating miracles in the lives of many. It was a great honor to be a part of the event and meet the other speakers: Kelly Falardeau, Carrie Kohan, and Vireo Karvonen and the ladies who attended and supported our great day! My presentation was on sound and the healing effects of sound on our body, our neurology and at cellular levels. When I started to play my quartz crystal bowl, ‘Mariah’ many in the group just wanted to lie down on the floor and experience sound from their mats and just shut down. Science has found that each human cell has its own frequency. Combining sound with intention has been known to reduce stress hormones and raise levels of disease-fighting immune cells. Scientists have found sound aids with learning disabilities, autism and developmentally disabled people. Researchers have found playing lullabies in the environment of pre-mature infants aid and increase oxygen levels, heart and respiratory rates. Listening to ‘Mozart’ can clear the mind creating increased ‘IQ’ and better brain activity as scientists call this ‘the Mozart Effect’. We are vibrational beings that resonate in our own sonic fields. When a part or area of our energy falls out of alignment, our systems’ vibration move into disarray and looses its’ harmony. Sound has a way of bringing us back into a balanced vibration, moving cells, blood, clearing unwanted energy, often taking us out of pain, clearing our chakras or energy centers. The human voice carries something in its vibration that is far more powerful than any other musical instrument called ‘consciousness’. French Composer, Fabian Maman, sang musical scales into cells and found dramatic results as the structures disorganized extremely quickly. He saw the cancer cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of vibratory frequencies when using the human voice. An Oncologist, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor MD, New York started to have his patients tone with their own voice and use a quartz crystal bowl, where the frequency goes into the tissues of the body and relieves pain. Dr. Gaynor took these patients off their medication and had them use sound and found numerous patients went into remission through this process. Other instruments particularly the gong with its rich compliment of overtones caused the cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode. In my practice, I use my voice accompanied with the quartz crystal bowls to chant over the person or place the bowl or bowls on the person for them to receive a ‘healing frequency’ that runs throughout their whole body. Clients have shared after experiencing the sound sessions stating, “I went somewhere else”, “I left my body”, “I went back to a very ancient place”, “I feel more energized”. Many come away looking and feeling rejuvenated, often not holding the pain they once had nor the headache or tensions they had carried in their body. A person I worked with by phone in Hawaii had great heartache pain held in their chest for days prior to the session shared after a sound treatment the pain left completely and did not return! I have seen clients come with great stress in their body and leave stress free. Working with sound with my clients, I have experienced some of the following as sound can relieve migraines, stress, tensions, pain, increase joint movement, move blocked energy as regards to frozen shoulders, create altered states and meditative journeys, work with depression, back pain, increase circulation and improving better blood pressure rates. We are on the cutting edge of sound as sound is all around us and affects us more than we are aware. The ancients had wisdom with knowledge of invisible energies such sound, ley lines and the planetary skies. The Egyptians, the Greeks used sound in their temples to heal the afflicted. There are quotes from some famous masters, who led the way to healing with sound Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) wrote, “Sound will be the future ‘Medicine’. ” Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks, (1451-1519) “Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony”. Pythagorus (560-475 BC) was the grandfather of sound healing and the father of numbers. “each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration.

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