Psychometry is sometimes referred to as seeing through the fingers…

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PSYCHOMETRY sometimes referred as seeing through the fingers. It is all about reading vibrations left on objects by just holding them!

Vibrations are recorded! Energy, thoughts, sounds, events take place within a space are all recorded vibrations. The environments of places, spaces, buildings, things hold information of its past, it happenings!

One of the most interesting psychometry sessions I ever experienced was a lady, who came to me sometime ago for a session. Her name was Sharon and I asked her for an object and she handed me a ring and shared it had belonged to her grandmother. I briefly looked at the ring and then shut my eyes and sent my energy to feel into its vibration. I said I am getting Greece and I see a small cove or harbor at a water’s edge, where there is a Greek Restaurant and the sun is starting to go down. She replied this ring comes from Greece. I said, “I can hear the sounds of dishes breaking.”

Next I heard the words in my head, ‘Boar War’ and she replied, “my grandfather was in Africa in the Boar War”. In my mind’s eye, I saw a woman back in England who did a lot of sewing and needle work, pace back and forth with great anxiety as she worried about her husband in Africa. Sharon shared her family were from England.

Next, I saw a man in military uniform in India, and again she shared her grandfather had been sent with the British Army to India.

When you do receive a psychometry reading, it is important to use an object that belongs to you, as other people who have worn the object prior, have their energies recorded and imprinted on the item.

Often when I hold a ring, I find the object wants to move in my hands and not be still. People continue to breathe, move, experience vibrations, feelings or emotions and like an article that represents the owner’s energy, and moves in its own pattern,

Sometimes I experience holding a person’s object that the person wants to be alone or not touched as it just sits still in the palm of my hand and does not move. At times an object goes into a winding movement of trying to search for an answer or make a decision. Other times I will experience the start of a headache, or a pain in a part of my body, that can represent the owner or a family member.

I remember doing a reading for a lady at Gulliver’s Restaurant and held her keys and I would experience sharp pains in the back of my neck. I continued with the session and would talk about other details in her life and once again the pain would re-surface. I suggested she broke her neck in another lifetime not to alarm her and she replied, what about this life? She informed me she had broken her neck in that exact spot where I had experienced, some years prior!

Intuitives believe that thought travels outside the body and is absorbed in the environment. This would account for the sense of atmosphere that is felt in some buildings. A church can feel peaceful, holy and often through centuries of worship the energy is absorbed within its walls and structure. When one goes to a house of prayer, one can pick up the feelings,

Land and locations hold energy from past experiences and traumas. There are people who go out to heal and clear the land energetically using ‘divining’ methods to bless these locations that once experienced great sadness and to return its energy to a more peaceful and serene space.

Dr. Emoto shared about a body of water that was black, dirty and filled with negative energy and had a priest chant over the water to bring the water back to being clear and pristine within a very short time! The power of sound clears energy and spaces!

I use psychometry in my in-person sessions, as one of the tools to bring forth information through, sharing feelings, experiences, pain and direction.

Numerology, is a divine science, has energy and gives a great deal of information of talents, direction, personality and much more!

Clairvoyance and Clairaudience are shared through a session in-person or by phone. Everyone’s voice carries messages of what the person is undergoing at that moment via in-person or by phone, as there is much one can receive through the sound of the voice.

The auric field is like a picture show to see people around the subject and their agendas of what their position is in your life. These people are standing in the future or the past. I do see souls that have made their transition, as they continue to be around us trying to communicate or protect us

I have started to work in ‘Re-Creating Your Design’ through your numbers and past experiences and will share more later!

Wishing you a ‘Wonderful Fire Monkey Year’


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Shera Motherwel Farrell is a professional clairvoyant and intuitive with thirty years experience who has helped thousands of people across North America with information and insight to make better life decisions.  Shera is also professionally trained in voice, and in recent years has discovered the health benefits of sound healing and uses medical intuition, crystal bowls and voice to assist clients in improved health and well-being, balancing energies and releasing stress.