I am doing reading sessions!

Your Intuition has a message,
Are you listening?

Is intuition the language of your soul or is it your Guardian Angel whispering guidance to you?

Listening to that one small voice within, we all have and often do not listen!

Today many souls are experiencing an ‘intuitive Awakening’, as many have evolved and become more Spiritual, Caring about ‘Mankind, ‘The Animal Kingdom’ and ‘The Planet’ as ‘our Consciousness is rising’!

Intuition is a sense as it is like seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and we all possess it!

We are wired to one another! Our energies can experience or sense feelings of others close by or miles away, thinking of us or needing help. ‘Heart Math’ is evidence and a science where studies show our hearts are very intuitive and can sense people or our love ones experiencing emotional or challenging times.

Have you suddenly began thinking about someone and a day later you hear about them or from them? Or have you sensed someone come into your mind so strongly until you just had to pick up the phone to discover they were experiencing a serious situation or dealing with a very important turning point in their life? Months ago, I was on the computer and a client came to mind so strongly, I just had to pick up the phone to find she was in a waiting room of a hospital in another city where her daughter was undergoing heart surgery. The daughter as a little girl always insisted, “Archangel Michael lives in our house!” While I was on the phone with her mother, I felt Archangel Michael was definitely guiding the team in OR during her operation.

Everything is Energy in our world!

Energies from the other side! Mediumship!

I was at a Trade Fair when a woman from South America in her thirties sat down in front of me wearing a white blouse, jeans and a strand of pearls around her neck. I happened to look above her left shoulder and saw an older woman ‘in spirit’, who looked just like her, wearing a strand of pearls around her neck. I shared with the client, “you look so much like your mother!” She replied, “Oh, yes I do, everyone said I look like my mother!” I stated that her Mother was wearing a strand of pearls around her neck. She replied sharing “we buried my mother with a strand of pearls around her neck.” I was stunned to hear that with what I experienced as it was so real!

I attended a trade show in Grande Prairie when a seventy year old woman sat before me for a reading. What I unexpectedly experienced was her husband who was ‘in spirit’, wearing a brown ball cap, sat between us, with his back to me and facing his wife. I asked the lady if her husband wore a ‘brown ball cap’ and she replied “yes”! He showed he missed his wife so much and was concerned about their children and especially a son!

In my readings I have often shared their love ones come to speak with them in their sleep and give them messages!

The person ‘in spirit’ standing in a client’s aura often will communicate in some way their cause death. Generally they have a difficult time accepting their demise.

Shera Motherwel Farrell

Intuitive Soul