With all the passing of Souls and the Covid 19, epidemic I was moved to write this poem as I felt their struggles leaving the earth plain.

Souls Lifting in the Night

Hundreds of Angels directing traffic using their Light!
To guide thousands of Souls into the Night.
Trumpets a glare,
Archangels overhead,
You can hear whispers of Souls realizing their plight!
“I am not ready to leave my love ones, my life,
This is too soon, too fast!
I am not finished my time, my work,
As I am not heard, and now lost my breath
sitting still, cold, in darkness,
Along comes a great inertia moving us into the light!”

“Just have to think of a ‘love one’ and there you are,
Earthlings are not aware, we in spirit are there!
We know your thought, your every move,
We are there and feel your despair!”

At light speed, we lift into the night,
Our souls travel through multiple energies, layers of light,
seeing and feeling colors like no other,
Hearing sounds of symphonies holding Heaven’s vibration,
Resting in it’s Presence,

The Ancients believed every star was the soul of one person,
Who came to shine so brightly, to guide us through our darkness.
We, who still remain, need to remember our heart’s wisdom and inner light!

With Blessings,
Shera Motherwel Farrell