The Wisdom of a Chinese Proverb:
“An invisible Red Thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break!”
Do you believe in destiny? The Chinese believe the red thread ties the destinies of certain people to one another. It is as though destiny has a plan for you! 
As the saying goes, “People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. It can be for love, companionship, sharing common interests, working together to create change, on a worldly mission, karmic experiences to help us move to other areas of growth. Only the heart knows!
When I was twenty-three years old, I met and fall in love with a man in Toronto. He, like myself were both from the west. We spoke of marriage, but it was not to be for numerous reasons that I began to not trust the relationship. This unpredictable relationship ended in 1969 and I moved back west. Twenty-five years later, in 1994, my niece who lives in the city met a ‘David’ at school and fall in love. I heard ‘David’ had a second cousin, visiting from Toronto and was requesting to see me on his visit to reconnect. I declined! 
In 1995 both David and my niece were married and the man I had known in Toronto attended the wedding. He was unmarried to my understanding and was still as secretive as he always was. The marriage of my niece did not last. The invisible red thread reappeared to reconnect me once again after many years with the man from Toronto.    
Someone shared a story with me sometime ago of a woman immigrating from Hong Kong to Calgary. She worked for a couple of years in Calgary and returned home to Hong Kong for a holiday to visit family and friends. While she was in Hong Kong, she happened to meet a man in a public place, got into conversation with him and they had a couple of dates together. They both understood she would be returning to Canada and they decided to move on with their independent lives so not exchange addresses nor phone numbers. Three years later, this same lady was skiing in Banff at Sunshine and saw this same man on the ski hill. He had immigrated to Canada and later they were both married!   
From December 1983 to March 1991, I read 1000 people a year at Gulliver’s Restaurant on McLeod Trail in Calgary. 
In 1988 a client came to see me named ‘Pat’, who was in consulting work at the time. She was from a farm north of Mississauga and had moved to Calgary with her husband. I did not know Pat personally at the time, though I had read for her several times. She would bring friends who were visiting her from Ontario and they would have dinner at ‘Gulliver’s Restaurant’ and be entertained with a read.
In December 1989, Pat brought her husband and two small children to Gulliver’s to say good bye to me as they were returning back to the Mississauga area. Through the years, Pat would cross my mind but we had not kept up any communication.
In 2006, I decided to move back east to Toronto where I had lived numerous years, age 3, and several years of my twenties. A couple, I had met in Winnipeg in 2005 at a Health & Wellness Expo moved to Mississauga. I had predicted this move in a reading with the wife, Svetlana at this time.. She is an esthetician who does incredible facials and sells a skin care line from Paris, ‘Academie Scientique’.
Prior to my move back east of October 2006, I received a phone call from Svetlana, who had been out for lunch with a friend in Mississauga and and informed me she had met ‘Pat, who spoke about her time in Calgary, during the ‘80’s and coming to Gulliver’s for readings. What are the chances that Pat would resurface? It was incredible to reconnect with her once again! Towards the end of my stay in Ontario, I ended up staying with Pat in her home in Cheltenham and re-meeting some of her friends who had visited her in Calgary, where they had come to Gulliver’s Restaurant for dinner and a session. ‘The Red Thread twists and turns, but never breaks!’
I know we can be attached at the heart in relationships even when one passes into spirit and the other remains on the earth plain. Love never dies! In great love relationships we are always connected at the heart!
Happy Chinese Year of the Metal Ox!
Shera Motherwel Farrell
Intuitive Soul