The Covid19 Virus

The World Stopped and Stood Still
Everyone was in shock!
There needs to be more prayers, more light, more love
We are calling on all Archangels to surround,
As we are now to isolate, wear masks and be six feet a part
Barbara Streisand’s song is, ‘People need people’
How are we to handle this?

This virus is like the Plague, so a long ago!
It has no discretion, no boundaries, no borders, nor conscience!
Wash your hands with soap and hot water.
It robs us of our lives!
Our World’s Economy is tipping!
Light Forces are battling Dark!
Angelic Realms in the heavens are fighting for their lives!
Is this Armageddon?

Scientists, Medical Healers are working to exhaustion as they try to carry out their duties without proper medical supplies.
They gamble in the face of ‘Death,’ with their own lives as they meet unending lines of souls, dying to breath!
With the greed of political figures playing ‘bidding wars’ over medical supplies,
Souls are dropping off like flies,
We are at war! Who is the carrier, we do not know?

The virus lurks around in silence, invisible!
‘Is it you’, ‘is it me’?
The energy in the air feels enmeshed, entangled, oh, so dark!
As we see before our eyes, cities, countries under lock and key!
People singing from their balconies, reaching for togetherness!

Some Blessed souls come through the battle, winning their lives back.
Look at Italy, look at Spain, New York and back to China!
Now, look at the whole world!
What has Covid19 come to teach us?
Where does the virus take us?
Some experience going into other states of being or journeys of delusion, having conversations with people from the other side!
Fever, loss of breath, heavy weight on the chest,
The virus lurks around being carried by the carrier…Is it you, is it me or is it they?

Stay Safe,

Shera Farrell