Through intuition we receive direction and guidance!

I would like to share my experience of receiving someone’s intuitive guidance and how it directed and lead me onto an entirely different path. I found my soul’s work and what feeds my soul.  I am very grateful for the wisdom and insight of Bob Proctor!

I worked in the field of sales for 17 years.  My job had come to an end with display advertising at a Calgary newspaper.  A friend of mine at the time, who was in life insurance suggested I attend 2 weekends back to back with a course Bob Proctor was offering in Calgary.  Bob Proctor is a motivational speaker.  Today, he is world renown through the famous book and movie called ‘The Secret’.  He teaches the “universal laws of attraction”.

Bob was lecturing on goal setting, time management, visualizations, meditations and much more.  In his classes he would stop and speak to someone in the class, not mentioning their name and say something he was receiving intuitively.  Bob would look directly at the person and say – “I know you do not like your job” or he would mention – “you are not happy in your relationship”.   As I listened to this, I decided to muster up enough courage to approach him and ask him what he got from me.   At a break, I asked Bob what information he picked up for me, if any.   I wondered how he received this information.   He replied with “you need to write a friend of mine in North Carolina, she teaches Intuitive Awareness”.

That evening I went home and wrote Patricia sharing the different experiences I had in my life. Little did I know she could just touch the paper I wrote on and pick up my feelings of sadness or difficulties I was going through.

Five weeks later,   Bob brought Patricia to Calgary.   I attended the introduction where she asked me to come up on the stage 7 times.   She told me I would travel and work with many people doing intuitive work.   I attended two of her workshops.   Over the last years of reading thousands of people in person or by phone, traveling across Canada, doing interviews on radio and television, open line talk shows, taking booths at trade shows in different cities,  doing public speaking and teaching intuitive workshops.

As a result of this experience I now channel intuitive and spiritual guidance.  This is particularly important when one has reached the threshold in their lives.  I use numerology as a tool to connect with your soul and vibration.  Numbers are a divine science and gives knowledge of soul work and purpose.

In my sessions I read from the aura which reveals emotional situations, relationships as well as business (corporate) work agendas. While intuiting on the phone or in person, I will feel or experience different areas of the body as a medical intuitive.

Psychometry is a tool I use in when I have sessions in person by taking a personal object like a ring, keys or chains to channel information that is stored or recorded in vibration in the object.  Psychometry will divine events, situations, feelings and emotions.