Traveling on the road of ‘Universal Life’,
Sometimes it is bumpy, slippery, wet or dry 
And we take a Zig Zag Journey uphill, downhill,
Meeting road blocks or waiting for the way to clear.
At times we move forward, or take a fork in the road,
A decision is to be made
For may spirit direct us ‘in a heart’s desire’!
Am I going too fast or am I going too slow?
Receiving rude honks, signals from behind, 
Travelers rushing to get where they want to go, 
Am I being cut off the road abruptly with no finesse?
Need to be conscious of not being side swept!
Sometimes we make the wrong turn, 
Sometimes we have accidents, make mistakes,
Or meet the wrong people that lead us to troubled times.
Or realize we are travelling with a foe, not a friend and betrayed!
Sometimes the ‘Angel of Death’ claims a love ones’ Soul! 
We are all here in attendance, attending ‘Earth School’!
Sometimes there is a Gracious Soul, 
who allows us to move before them in line.
As many Souls send, or receive life blessings to passers by,
There are also Guardian Angels along the way,
Miracles can happen in our life, Just Believe, Believe!
We all journey on the ‘Highway of Universal Life’ together!
Is there a burning desire, a goal our spirit intends to claim?
It all depends on life’s road conditions and the intentions of our soul?
by Shera Motherwel Farrell