We are all made of ‘Energy’ with different, ‘unique energy systems’. We come from different bloodlines, belief systems, life experiences to create who we are to become!


The Magic of your Numbers holds energy and speaks to whom you are!

Yes, I am speaking about your birthdate such as month, day and year!

These numbers hold energy and share talents, abilities, a person’s characteristics!

The birth path expresses the total expression of you!


Your Auric vibration shares much in many areas of Health, Career, Life Situations, Relationships, Challenges, and Communicating with your love ones in spirit.

Our love ones come to visit and show up in our energy field!


We are all experiencing a sense of a rug suddenly pulled from under us, loosing Love Ones, our way of life style, our businesses, our careers and incomes.  Many of us have awaken to a sense of feeling lost, empty with no direction!  Our Old World has suddenly ended and where did it go to restart on a different scale that is unknown to us!


I offer in person sessions, by phone (Voice Energy) via Zoom, Face Time, or Messenger…helping people find their purpose, what feeds your Soul, receiving direction with spiritual guidance


Owner at Intuitive Soul,