We are all on a journey at a great speed!

The Divine has a plan in all its’ greatness, a design it creates for each one of us! We ourselves play a mayor role in the fabric of its design, and what the universe has in store. We can be so devastated with the way our plan did not come together as our egos did not see ‘the greater picture’. Sometimes the universe has something ‘up its sleeve’ for us to learn and or experience. Not everything works for us, though we are guided to what we are to experience and be part of the greater whole. One may call it ‘Soul Growth and Karma’.

One needs to listen and go within. Wisdom or insight may come through a thought, meditation, a dream, a prayer, a chat with a friend, or a book that falls opens to a page. We may even recall a tete a tete of long ago that holds a message for us in the now, or bump into an earth angel in our day, who plants a thought for us to hold and manifest. We experience at times a ‘synchronistic moment’ and pass by a discussion to overhear its message, really meant for us to hear. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we did not expect to be a part of and wonder how we got ourselves involved? There are times people are planted in our lives to open a door for change, for the good or for a test or a learning. The world can be full miracles or trickery and our souls need to seek counsel within to hear its rightful message. We learn more about ourselves as we experience being caught in a story or predicament of loss, greed, health, death, or legal drama that can create great changes in our lives and who we are as individuals. At times spirit puts us into a maze to challenge our strength and possibly to untangle a web we have found ourselves to be a part of.

The ‘free spirit’ within, may lead us to a rightful place to meet someone who has experienced a similar path to give us answers and solve or lead us to whom may help. As we journey through life, we think we know ourselves, our love ones, our friends and sometimes find we really did not know them at all. We thought they were our closest alley and found these souls moved away from us in our darkest moment, as they did not share the same insights. We need to ask the Divine for the right people to come into our lives and to attract souls that align with us and give us strength, support, direction and who empower us! What aligns fills the vacuum!

We need to be grateful as we are guided through this venture called ‘life’. The universe has many gifts as we are looked after and realize its many blessings. Our world is accelerating at such great speeds as we are awakening consciously at cellar and neurological levels. We, as spiritual beings can live longer, and remain younger! We have the power within to re-create ourselves as we re-wire our beliefs and manifest. Believe in yourself and your magnificence. We are like a magnet and attract what we need to allow ourselves to step forward into a new dawn.